Friday, November 28, 2014

Not tonight, dear, I have a headache.

After we let the chooks out yesterday morning we played "Easter Egg Hunt" for a little while. We came up empty-handed, but I know there is a pile of eggs waiting for us out there somewhere! Since the chooks all free-range, sometimes the girls get the idea they can lay eggs wherever they want. If that happens, they can often be retrained by keeping them cooped up for several days in a row.

As we were hunting for our diamonds (they have 40 acres over which to roam, but they keep it within about five acres), I glanced over at the run and noticed there were seven girls in the pen with No Roosters. Aaha!! That was half of the girls, so I shut them in the run and we started looking for the other hens. One by one we got them back in the run with nary a rooster. Man, you could tell they sure enjoyed meandering about in the run without being hounded by "the boys"! Here the girls are enjoying a peaceful breakfast. Rare indeed! 

Bottoms Up!
I think I've discovered where the toast "Bottoms Up" came from! Hopefully a relaxing day or two sans roosters will help the girls remember where their egg home is.

Below are most of the boys, outside looking in. Missing their girls. :) They hung out there All Day. It's almost sad. Almost. 
"The Boys" worrying about their girls.

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